08 April 2013

Pope appoints two Bishops in the U.S.

This morning His Holiness Pope Francis announced two episcopal appointments in the United States of America.

First, he appointed a new Archbishop for the Church in Dubuque, His Excellency the Most Reverend Michael Owen Jackels, until now Bishop of Wichita.

The Archbishop-elect was born in Rapid City in 1954 and ordained a priest of the Diocese of Lincoln in 1981.   He was appointed to the See of Wichita in 2005.

Second, the Holy Father appointed the Reverend Monsignor John Thomas Folda as Bishop of the Church in Fargo.

The Bishop-elect was born in Omaha in 1961 and was a ordained a priest of the ArchDiocese of Omaha Lincoln in 1989.

Update: That's two appointments from the clergy of the Diocese of Lincoln in one day.


  1. Lincoln is a diocese, not an archdiocese.

  2. Thank you, Father. This is proving to be a long Monday already.