24 May 2012


About two weeks ago I received a message from a young man who's been involved with youth ministry in the Diocese that read, "Hey that timothy retreat that you're going to is next week."  I think it was a subtle hint.

I was already planning on stopping by and was glad to do so last Saturday afternoon.  Having never helped with a Timothy Retreat before, I was going really just to be present and perhaps offer a few words.

After a spontaneous period of Q & A - which I love doing - I found myself speaking with a couple of the team members.  As the conversation progressed, a couple other people joined in and I - standing against a wall - suddenly realized I was surrounded:

At some point the young people I guess grew tired of standing and simply - and almost all together - pulled up chairs and sat down in a semi-circle around me - leaving me still standing with my back against the wall.

Realizing there was no way out - which was fine because the conversation was varied and enjoyable (from video games to homosexual "marriage" and everything in between - I asked for a chair and was given one.

It goes to show, I suppose, that you never know what will happen when yous how up without a plan.

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  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    It is the Lord that has done this, and it is a marvel in our eyes...