29 July 2010

Where have I been?

My absence from the blogosphere these past few weeks can be easily explained.

Four weeks ago I began the move from the rectory in Virden to the rectory in Auburn, seven miles to the north. I had planned the move during what looked to be a quiet and slow week. However, as often happens, the simplicity of the week did not come about. Three parishioners in Virden died that week while three others in my other parishes were placed in hospice care.

The following week, with the help of two other priests, I took part in a retreat of sorts for high school students from across the Diocese called Theology for Teens. When spent four days with the students focusing on the Creed, the Scriptures, morals and liturgy. The week went very well and I think I may have found a couple of future priests there.

The week after Totus Tuus was held in Auburn, which kept me further away from blogging and unpacking.

This week I have been helping with Totus Tuus in Carlinville and attending several meetings. As just one example, yesterday was taken up with a three and a half hour meeting regarding new Illinois cemertery legislation (more on this later) followed by a two hour meeting to help plan for the future of our little portion of the Diocese, which goes by the name of Region 12.

In the midst of all of that, I made the mistake some days ago of attempting to back out of my garage before closing the rear passenger door. I don't recommend trying it yourself.

For the past week I was driving a rented SUV, which I did like, though I am happy now to be back in my Matrix. The SUV, though it seemed easier on my hips and knees, didn't quite handle as well as my Matrix. Maybe when it is time for a different vehicle I'll take a look at a smaller SUV.

I don't expect I'll do much blogging tonight. It seems as though I've spent more time in vehicles these past few weeks than I have in buildings. Tonight I hope to sift through a bit of email and simply take a rest.

The former regular blogging will soon resume.


  1. Father, I vote for you getting some rest, as much as possible! While I've missed reading your blog, you need and deserve a chance to recover from a hectic couple weeks. May God bless and keep you.

  2. Glad to see you back Father. BTW, I tagged you for a meme on my blog.