14 November 2008

Hopes raised and quickly dashed

As part of my not very secret desire to one day live in Hawaii (and the sooner the better), I am hoping to visit the fair islands sometime during the winter months for a bit of a medical experiment: I want to see if my arthritis disappears there in the winter as it does in the summer. At the very least, I hope to at least spend part of future winters there.

I would use a winter trip both for my annual retreat and to spend an extra day or two visiting my friend from college.

To this end I sat down this evening to look into fares sometime in the month of February. I was happy to see that the prices decreased more than $200 since I last checked a few weeks ago. I quickly grew hopeful that fares for a sooner trip would also have gone down.

With this hope in mind I searched for fares beginning tomorrow through January. "Eureka," I thought! A ticket for $417!!! I was elated!

And then I saw that I had to use the ticket before December 16th. With Thanksgiving just around the corner and Advent Penance services not far behind, it isn't possible for me to hop on board.

Nonetheless, I'll keep looking for cheap flights in February, hopefully before the beginning of Lent.

Until I return to Hawaii, I suppose I'll have to content myself with a picture:

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